Sylvia has a very calming demeanor so the functional evaluation was comfortable and I have to say it was so interesting. After taking the supplements she recommended based on my personal evaluation, I noticed an improvement within 2-3 months. I also found her lifestyle change recommendations very valuable. I have a follow up soon and I’m excited about my progress and what she can help fix next.
— Michael



Sylvia makes me feel at ease every time she evaluates me. She couldn't have been more caring and nurturing. Her findings and recommendations are always on point. She's made an incredible difference in my health. I highly recommend her to help you find a safe and effective treatment for your ailments.

— Terry 

I have been  dieting off and on for the last couple of years and I seemed to have hit a wall. After Sylvia viewed my food journals, she noticed I was eating more carbs than protein. She identified foods that had hidden sugar and harmful additives. I would have never guessed that this was causing blood sugar regulation issues. After she helped adjust my daily meals with better protein intake and eating real foods, I noticed the pounds started to finally drop. I never really took into consideration the importance of eating whole foods vs processed foods until she opened my eyes to this. I feel like eating real foods is making a big difference in my energy levels too. Thank you so much! 

— Chrissy

At first I was skeptical regarding the LNT process but I was so surprised and in awe of how it actually worked for me. I'm currently taking  omega 3 to help me with the deficiencies that surfaced during the evaluation. I'm feeling so much better.  I highly recommend Sylvia to help you too.

— Emilio

 I was waking up in the middle of the night for several months. I was also experiencing stomach problems from time to time. I am a busy working mother and found my family and I eating out often. Sylvia helped to clean up my diet, showed me how to read food labels and encouraged me to start cooking at home more often. She provided tips on how to do large batch cooking for the week and how to make quick protein meals for me and my family. After a few appointments focused on my adrenals, I finally started sleeping through the night and I have began to notice improvements with my digestion. She took the time to listen to me and noticed she truly cares about my well being. She is a very knowledgeable practitioner based on her own personal experience. I would recommend her! 

— Denise


I was suspecting I had SIBO and I wasn’t sure who to turn to because my MD said he didn’t believe SIBO was a real medical condition. I called Sylvia to gather more information. It was very obvious that she studies SIBO, its causes, therapies, and she had great tips for my symptoms. She was able to find a well versed SIBO doctor in my state that would be able to take me as a patient. She was also very easy to talk to and so understanding. I plan to consult with her again for a follow up in a couple of months for nutritional therapy. 

— Natalie