SIBO Support and Consultation VS. The Initial Nutritional Therapy consultation

SIBO Support + Consultation : Have you been diagnosed with SIBO and need some guidance and support? I can help to get you through the toughest symptoms. I have many ideas and ways to help support and navigate you through your journey. This time will be used to address all of your questions and concerns regarding SIBO. ( no questionnaire, no food journals requested, no paperwork to fill out). This appointment can be phone, skype or in person. If you decide to dig even deeper, you have the option of making an appointment for an Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation.

The Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation : You will fill out all forms, and complete a 321 online symptom questionnaire. We will investigate any underlying issues, focus on your top health concerns, goals and priorities.  This appointment takes place before your Functional Evaluation. We can do this appointment via  Skype or in person.