Lingual-Neuro Testing


Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT) is a valuable feedback tool that allows for me to determine the usefulness of nutritional supplements, foods and herbs before recommendation. This is accomplished by putting the nutritional supplement on the tongue, no need to swallow it. In order to set a plan in place that is unique to your own biochemical individuality, the LNT process will help us to determine signs of nutritional deficiency and or indication of a weak organ, though your body’s innate intelligence. This effective technique makes a big difference between a generic nutritional protocol and a personalized nutritional protocol. 

When Lingual-Neuro Testing, the taste buds are informing the brain and the body reacts accordingly. Receptor cells in the taste buds generate impulses in certain parts of the brain ( medulla oblongata, hypothalamic area, thalamus, the autonomic and endocrine control centers ) . This information travels from the taste buds to pathways that extend and travel to the sensory cortex (just below the face).  Signals from the taste buds are sent to the spine which has descending fibers proceeding directly to the organs.

You'll be bitting into supplements, foods  and herbs during the LNT process but you will not need to swallow them.  This process is quite fascinating and I am always blown away how the human body works during this evaluation.

Source: Nutritional Therapy Association