The Functional Evaluation is the hands-on portion of  the consultation. The purpose of a Functional Evaluation will help to determine nutritional  deficiencies and narrow down weakened organs. The evaluation starts by laying on the therapy table where we will go over a series of points located all over the body. When these points are palpated, I will ask you to rank the tenderness from a scale of 1-10. Tapping in to your innate intelligence will help determine where your health priorities are and where we should best start your personalized protocol. 

Most animals and mammals except humans use their innate senses to determine when and what to eat.  Cats eat green grass when they are sick and  other animals have been observed eating arnica plants when injured. Humans still have the innate ability to choose. However, our senses have been tainted by chemicals and additives in our food. 

I was trained to palpate neurovascular reflex areas which are related to each organ of your body. I use reflexes discovered from Frank Chapman, D.O., Terence Bennett, D. C., and Robert Riddler D.C.  These reflexes are tender points located in soft tissue along certain parts of the body.  When the condition involves an organ,  the area where the autonomic nerve ganglion branches off the spinal column to the organ becomes one of the reflex points being palpated. I also use nutritional reflex points on the body to determine specific nutritional deficiencies.

Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing for easy body point access.

Source: Nutritional Therapy Association